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Concussion Training

The board recommends that all board members take this training course on dealing with concussions in compliance with the new law, in activity as of September 1st, 2011, about concussions. Click on "Take the Training". It only takes 15 minutes!

2023 EGAA Board is Looking for New Board Members!

The EGAA board consists of volunteers who are dedicated to the advancement of girl’s sports.  EGAA is a working board with members having a variety of duties and responsibilities.  Board members are required to attend monthly organizational meetings.  Board members run and organize all offered sports and related activities. 

If you are interested in joining the board, contact the current President.  Board terms typically begin in June and last for a minimum of 2 years, although new board members can join at any point during the year and can stay for more than 2 years!

Executive Committee

Karla Venell


Phone: 612-743-9577

Katie Peterson

Compliance/Flag Football Advisor/Past President

Phone: 952-915-9146

Katie Hammond

Volleyball Advisor/Past President

Phone: 612-619-5853

Lise Crosby

Flag Football Advisor/Past President

Phone: 612-251-7123

Jane Eilertson

Communication Director

Phone: 612-269-0788

Nicole Cummings


Phone: 612-559-1662

Casey Hagert

Recreation Supervisor - City of Edina

Phone: 952-826-0432

Flag Football

Lynnae Gudmundson

Flag Football Co-Director/Kickball

Phone: 612-432-1433

Leslie Williamson

Flag Football Co-Director/Kickball

Phone: 612-227-5099

Peggy Cepek

Flag Football/Football Concessions

Phone: 612-501-8471

Mary Kuehl


Phone: 952-451-5337


Molly Clark

Volleyball Co-Director

Phone: 515-490-4475

Laura Nielsen

Volleyball Co-Director

Phone: 612-554-3554

Liz Burger

Volleyball Co-Director/Kickball

Phone: 612-910-1784

Run Team

Tanya Dowda

Run Team Director

Phone: 952-270-5011

Kristi Allen

Run Team

Phone: 612-703-7472

Student Board Members

Celia Vedder

Student Board Member - Grade 12

Catherine Collier

Student Board Member - Grade 12

Alena Venell

Student Board Member - Grade 11

Abby Peterson

Student Board Member - Grade 11

Maya Frydenlund

Student Board Member - Grade 11

Sophia Stattine

Student Board Member - Grade 11

Addy Botts

Student Board Member - Grade 10