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Dear EGAA Families.

Thank you to those who answered the May Flag Football interest survey.  Unfortunately, there was not enough interest to support a May Football program. We hope to resume our  regular Girls Flag Football program in the fall - with sign up coming in June! Stay tuned.......

We are now researching the possibility of Yoga/Kickball combo program in late April/May. More info on this program to follow ......

Thank you,


Fall Yoga-Run Club - Was A Success!!

Dear EGAA Families,

The EGAA is offering a Yoga-Run Club this fall. This program is open to 25 girls in 4th through 6th grade. The dates and location:

St. Johns Park.    5924 St. Johns Avenue:

  • Wednesday, September 16 @ St. Johns Park: 4pm-5pm.  30 minute yoga – 30 minute run
  • Wednesday, September 23 @ St. Johns Park: 4pm–5pm.25 minute yoga – 35 minute run
  • Wednesday, September 30 at St. Johns Park: 4pm-5pm.   25 minute yoga – 35 minute run
  • Wednesday, October 7th @ St. Johns Park:   4pm-5pm.  15 minute yoga – 45 minute run
  • Friday, October 9th @ St. Johns Park:  430pm – 530pm.  Final Run/Yoga Relaxation


The program will cost $35, non-refundable, and includes a yoga towel.  EGAA will cancel if the weather is not cooperating.

The EGAA will be following all the guidelines for youth sports from the State of Minnesota which includes:

  • Kids will be grouped into pods of 25 or less, which will include the high school cross country kids as the coaches.
  • We will be taking temperatures at the beginning of each practice.
  • Parents must keep their kids home if they are ill or have any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Parents will drop off their kids, but not stay at  the event in order to limit the number of          people.
  • Kids will need to wear masks when they are  arriving and leaving, but will be allowed to       take them off while they are running.
  • Kids will need to bring their own water bottle   that is easy to identify as their own.
  • We will maintain social distancing throughout  the practice.
  • Since this is cross country there will be no physical contact during any of the practices.

Registration opens September 11th: 

Hurry, registration closes on September 15th! 

2019 EGAA Girls Run Team

EGAA 2019 Edina Strong 5K

Letter from our President


Welcome to the 46th year of the Edina Girls Athletic Association!

The Edina Girls Athletic Association proudly offers three programs for girls who live in Edina or attend Edina schools. These programs are: Flag Football, Volleyball and Run Club. All programs are designed to offer skill building, friendships and a lifelong love of sports.  The EGAA believes that sports teaches girls commitment, respect for others and sportsmanship.  Physical activity and competition enhances the mental, psychological and spiritual health of all girls and young women. 

We are especially excited about our upcoming 2019-2020 season. The Flag Football season kicks off in August. Our ever popular concession nights will be back for our Tuesday flag football games.  This is great way to grab dinner with your family as you watch the game.

EGAA believes in our athletes, so each year we recognize and award 4 to 6 senior high school girls with academic scholarships. These awards are given to players who demonstrate good sportsmanship, have achieved a high level of academic success and are involved in extracurricular activities at school and in their community.

EGAA is a nonprofit organization driven by volunteer members who serve in various capacities. We recognize that without our volunteers we could not function as an organization. Throughout the years; parents, siblings, and family friends have come forward to volunteer their time and effort to serve as coaches for our teams. In addition, we have 20 to 25 volunteer members (including high school students) who annually participate on the EGAA Board. As board members, it is our commitment to continually challenge ourselves to provide a healthy level of competition that emphasizes good sportsmanship, fundamental skill building, teamwork, and most importantly, how to have a GREAT time playing organized sports!!!

We are dedicated to improving our programs and the opportunities we provide your girls. We encourage your help, ideas, and support at all times. If you would like more information about The Edina Girls Athletic Association, or how to become a volunteer, please contact me or any of our board members listed on our website. If you are interested in serving on the EGAA Board, please contact me.


Katie Hammond

President EGAA 

612-619-5853 Cell


Mission Statement

The Edina Girls Athletic Association mission:

  • Will educate girls in the skills, rules and strategy of recreational sports which will carry through into adulthood;
  • will build character by encouraging good sportsmanship, teamwork, and self-confidence;
  • will offer team experiences for girls regardless of ability;
  • will promote healthy physical activity; and
  • will encourage each participant to have fun.

EGAA History

The formation of the Edina Girls Athletic Association began in January 1974.  As the community saw the need for team sports for girls, the Edina Park And Recreation Department invited people to attend meeting and discuss the girls sports.

These visionaries formed a volunteer board. During the summer of 1974, bylaws were written, policies and procedures were formulated.  Thus, the Edina Girls Athletic Association was born, then incorporated in January 1975.