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Gym Locations

Southview: 4725 Southview Lane 55424

  • Door 6 for gyms 1, 2, 3
  • Door 4 for City Gym (access from Concord Ave)
  • 5/6th grades and 9-12th grades

Valley View: 6750 Valley View Road 55439

  • Door 1
  • 4th grade and 7/8th grade

ECC City Gym: 5701 Normandale Blvd. (Normandale/ECC Building)

  • Gym is across parking lot from South View on south east side of Normandale/ECC building
  • All grades, random days during season

Edina High School: 6754 Valley View Rd

  • Upper Gym  or the Activity Center Courts; Door 6
  • Grades 4 and 7/8, random days during season

Program Description

Program Description - No experience is necessary and everyone plays every game. Volunteer parent coaches teach the girls the rules, skills and strategy of volleyball. Along with skills development, the emphasis of the EGAA Volleyball program is good sportsmanship, teamwork and fun. Girls are provided a team t-shirt. KNEE PADS ARE REQUIRED TO PLAY!

Open to girls in Grades 4-12 that live in Edina or attend school in Edina.

Games will be held on Mondays and Thurdays at 6:30, 7:30, and 8:30, depending on the grade level, in the South View Gyms 1 and 2, Southview City Gym, and Valley View Gyms North, Middle and South. Each player is allowed one mutual request.  Each grade level particpates in the end of the season tournament. All games are officiated by professional referees.

We would like to remind you that NO SODA OR GUM OR FOOD is allowed in the gyms or school hallways. The use of our school facilities is a privilege we must respect! Players may bring water bottles to practices and games.

Note: Play-Offs will be determined by random draw.

EGAA will not keep track of teams wins and losses during the regular season. Playoff games will be randomly seeded.

Bye: When a team that is not paired in a competition during the early round of a play-off and automatically advances to the second round.

EGAA Volleyball rules have been updated this year to conform to the new standard of "Rally Scoring" currently in use in Volleyball.


Required Concussion Training for ALL Volunteer Coaches

Beginning September 1, 2011, the EGAA is required to provide concussion training for all of our volunteer coaches and board members.  You will watch a short video and then be required to take a quiz.  Once you have completed the quiz, print out your certificate (you may want to make multiple copies).  This training is good for three years and will be required for other sports that you may coach. Please submit your certificate to an EGAA representative. 

Thank You!

2019 Volleyball Season!


January 4th - February 4th, 2019

The Registration "Volleyball" is not currently available.